Portsmouth City Public Schools
Bright Start

Provides a program for pre-K students who qualify for the program. The program is grant funded and designed for at-risk students. Registration is held from April through May.

3651 Hartford Street
Portsmouth, VA 23707

(757) 393-8884 phone
(757) 393-5379 fax

Infant/Toddler Connection of Portsmouth Behavioral Healthcare Services
Provides early intervention services to children who may be experiencing developmental delays. Serves Portsmouth families with children between the ages of birth-3.

300 Portcentre Parkway
Suite 103
Portsmouth, VA 23704-4903

(757) 393-8321 phone
(757) 393-5299 fax

Child Care Assurance Plan
Provides recruitment, screening, approval, monitoring, training and state certification of family day care providers.

130 W. Plume Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 627-3993 phone
(757) 627-0951 fax

Portsmouth Public Schools
Title 1 Parent Center

Promotes parent involvement in the education of their children. The goal of the center is to enable parents to work more effectively with their children at home in an effort to reinforce what has been learned in school.

3651 Hartford Street
Portsmouth, VA 23703

(757) 393-8392 phone
(757) 393-5198 fax

Edmarc Hospice For Children

Provides support to families of children with life-threatening illnesses to stay together.  Services includes Home Health Care, Hospice Care, Family support and Bereavement support.

516 London Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 967-9251 phone
(757) 967-9124 fax

Dept. of Social Services
Provides child care assistance to recipients of public assistance who meet specified guidelines.

1701 High Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 405-1800 phone

CHIP of Portsmouth

Provides a partnership with Portsmouth families with children ages 0-6 to assist them with their medical, social, financial and educational needs.

662 Lincoln Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 391-0606 phone
(757) 398-5773 fax

Children's Harbor
Provides developmental child care serving children between the ages of 6 weeks - 12 years, including before and after school program. Program offers a scholarship assistance based on parent income.

620 London Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 397-2980 phone
(757) 397-1147 fax

Portsmouth City Public Schools
Diagnostic, Adjustive, & Corrective Center for Learning

Provides services for infants, toddlers, and pre-school children with disabilities through a home-based or center model.

401 West Road
Portsmouth, VA 23707

(757) 393-8791 phone
(757) 393-5313 fax

Head Start - STOP Organization
Provides a child development program which will improve the educational, physiological, social and psychological well being of child and family.

2551 Almeda Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23513

(757) 858-1383 phone

Resource Mothers Program Child & Family Services of Eastern Virginia
Provides home visiting support and a education program for pregnant and parenting women up to age 24.
There is no fee and requirement the the client be a first time mother.

1805 Airline Blvd.
Portsmouth, VA  23707

(757) 397-2121 Ext. 307 phone
(757) 399-3316 fax


Id a Barbour
Early Learning Center
Provides early care and education for children 6 weeks to 3 years of age. Offers before and after school care for children ages 4 to 7. Summer camp is offered to children up to age 7.

1400 Camden Avenue
Portsmouth, VA 23704

757) 397-3097 phone
(757) 398-5750 fax

Portsmouth City Public Schools
Child Find / Parent Resource Center

Provides resources and information for parents of children with disabilities in the city of Portsmouth.

DAC Center
401 West Road
Portsmouth, VA 23707

(757) 393-8791 phone
(757) 393-5313 fax

Children's Harbor - Places and Programs for Children, Inc.
Provides the administrative office for a regional organization providing access to quality care and education for all children since 1911. These offices also encompass a Community Training & Professional Development department as well as USDA Child & Adult Care Food Program.

702 London Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 399-1337 phone
(757) 397-1147 fax

info@childrensharbor.cc or

Girls, Inc.
Playschool Prog
Provides a preparatory program for pre-school children ages 3, 4, and 5 to improve motor skill development, to learn to recognize numbers 1-10, ABCs, shapes, and basic colors.

5905 Portsmouth Boulevard
Portsmouth, VA 23701

(757) 465-3896 phone
(757) 465-4071 fax

Portsmouth Healthy Families
Provides a home visiting service for first-time parents with infants under 3 months of age or currently pregnant with their first child. Healthy Families strives to strengthen parenting skills of every mother, father, and caregiver, so that all children in this community have a healthy start in life, and enter school ready to learn. Parenting skills are not something we are born with – they are something we learn.

1805 Airline Boulevard
Portsmouth, VA 23707

(757) 397-2121, Ext. 307 phone
(757) 399-3316 fax

Ready to Read Initiative
Offers resources, training and networking to early childhood development providers. The focus is on home-based day care and private and faith-based early child care providers. Funded by Square one.

Community Relations & Leisure Services
801 Crawford Street
Portsmouth, VA 23704

(757) 393-8481 phone

Thomas B. Hargrave Educational Center
Provides services to promote quality day care services.

801 Tazewell Street
Portsmouth, VA 23701

(757) 485-9499 phone

USDA Child & Adult Food Program
Provides reimbursement for meals served to children in day care by regulated family child care providers.

130 W. Plume Street
Norfolk, VA 23510

(757) 627-3993 phone
(757) 627-0951 fax

Portsmouth Public Schools Preschool Centers

Emily N. Spong Preschool Center
2200 Piedmont Avenue
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Venessa Whichard-Harris
(757) 393-5247 phone
(757) 393-4514 fax

Mt. Hermon Preschool Center
3000 North Street
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Dr. Sandra H. Smith
(757) 393-8825 phone
(757) 393-1349 fax

Churchland Preschool Center
4061 River Shore Road
Portsmouth, VA 23703

Fran J. Gill
(757) 686-2527 phone
(757) 686-2529 fax

"6 to 6" Before and After School Program
A Childcare alternative staffed by educational paraprofessional and recreation experts who provide help with homework and educational projects as well as active games, contests, crafts and activities.  Sponsored by Portsmouth Parks, Recreational and Leisure Services and Portsmouth Public Schools at Churchland, Lakeview, Parkview and James Hurst Elementary school sites.

Barbara Hill
(757) 393-8481 Ext. 4127 phone


This site does not include all human service programs serving Portsmouth residents.
For additional services, contact The Planning Council Web site at www.theplanningcouncil.org.